Anonymous wondered: You made gifs a while back of the lovin spoonful where they're painting flowers on walls. What video is that from?

It was so long ago to be honest… and I’ve searched youtube and my files for the past hour or so but I remember the video I made those gifs from was from some kind of documentary and John was talking about pop music (?). I think Mark Volman was speaking in the video as well but I just can’t find it at the moment.

But I do have the music video with the same footage (thanks to goodtimemusic’s comment)

I really hope this helps!

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love-beads-and-melodies wondered: Oh my gosh, I love your gifs! The Harold and Maude, Turtles, and Byrds ones are the best! xx

Thank you very much! I like The Turtles ones a lot too haha :))

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